Cold Pressed Juices

Visit us at one of the local farmers markets!
Grand Haven Farmers Market & Spring Lake Farmers Market
Sweetwater Local Foods Market & Muskegon Farmers Markets

To ensure availability, we recommend you order juices in advance for pick up at either Grand Haven Farmers Market, Spring Lake Farmers Market, Sweetwater Local Foods Market or Muskegon Farmers Market. You may pay for the juices when you pick them up. Currently, we are not accepting online payment for our Cold Pressed Juices. We always bring extra juice, but we often sell out of our juices before the market is over. *Recent Addition: Ship Me Swithel!

To order cold-pressed juices in advance (or have switchel shipped to you), click the juice below and place an order using the form displayed. Remember to select a pick up location also.

Please disregard the “Out Of Stock” tag on the juices. We will keep making more!