My name is Renee Randell and I love clean, wholesome food!
I am an advocate for organic, non-gmo foods, and a vegetarian lifestyle. It is a heartfelt passion of mine that I love to share!

I teach a variety of cooking, juicing and smoothie making classes. These hands on classes teach the nutritional value and benefits of whole foods, include demonstrations and offer wellness advice. Go to the Recipes page to try some of my favorites at home or  to learn more about available classes, visit here our Bodhi Tree Market page.

Organic Gardening


My husband and I love to grow fresh organic produce. Our family loves having gardens all around us, especially our dog Bodhi. Often times, we will find him munching on the snap peas or grapevines! It is a wonderful feeling to have most of the food we eat, right outside our door. Together we cook, dehydrate and preserve our food. It is a delight to grab things from our cupboards or freezers in the middle of a Michigan winter!

Farmers Market


We are lucky enough to live in a community that supports a farmers market dedicated to selling local, non-gmo, organic produce. We are honored that we are involved in this community of farmers. It is a movement to educate people on the importance of supporting local farmers, raising awareness about food you are putting into your body, and providing families a cleaner way of eating.  Come visit us on Saturday mornings at Sweetwater Local Foods Market.

The Great Outdoors


One of my favorite places to be! I love the quiet and connectedness I feel when I am outside. I love to hike, bike, SUP, kayak, do beach yoga, and just enjoy a good book under a shade tree. As a family, we enjoy doing outdoor vacations together and exploring places we have never been. We all love a good adventure!

Our Kids and Grand Kids


I have realized the value of spending quality time with my kids and grand kids. There is nothing that can replace creating memories with them. This is as simple as playing games, going to the beach, making forts, cooking together and reading stories. It really is the simple things in life that bring us the most joy! (I do consider our pets are kids as well!)