Creating Fair, Living Wages ~ Ensuring the Rights of Children ~ Respecting Cultural Identity
Environmentally Friendly Processes ~ Safe and Empowering Working Conditions ~ Respectful Relationships
Gender Equality ~ Sustainable Community Development ~ Transparency
By purchasing Fair Trade, you are directly improving lives, protecting the environment, and providing high-quality products for you and your family to enjoy.


We are committed to offering merchandise that is made using environmentally conscious practices and guidelines. Our products use upcycled fibers, recycled and sustainable materials, low impact dyes, organic fabrics and are free of harmful chemicals. Feel good promoting a more sustainable life for everyone.


Every intricate form of our merchandise tells a story through patterns and colors, and each style is representative of an artisan’s region. Products are made using intricate art forms and have been called “exquisite poetry in colorful fabrics.”
Our handmade products are a true gift!


Holistic living is a knowledge of the (awareness)interconnectedness to the mind-body- spirit connection. We apply living a holistic lifestyle everyday by staying present and practicing mindfulness, providing healthy, clean food to ourselves and family, focusing on positive relationships, and living a balanced life.
The food we eat, the thoughts we think and the love we share is our contribution to making this planet a peaceful one.


We value the expertise and talent of artisans abroad and in the USA!
Our Made in USA merchandise is manufactured, sewn and stitched in various states across our homeland. Your purchase is supporting the foundation of ethical work conditions and wages right here at home!