Our story is simple.

It’s about compassion, inspiration, opportunity, building relationships and lasting friendships.

We do what we do to empower and educate women, their heritage and art forms. We aspire that all artisans benefit from health care, transportation, a clean, safe work environment, skills training and gender equality.

Our beautiful, hand crafted products adhere to our Ethical Business Principles.

Our Ethical Business Principles ask these questions:

• Is this product ethically sourced?
• Is it eco friendly?
• Does it support sustainable community development?
• Does it promote gender equality?
• Is it made in a safe and healthy environment?
• Is it Certified Fair Trade or American made?


IN ADDITION to our Ethical Business Principles

We believe in living a holistic lifestyle. We have a heartfelt passion for yoga, gardening, vegetarian cooking, community, long hikes, bike rides, family, friends, our pets, meditation, creating change that influences generations to come, and a spirit of adventure. ♥
Bodhi Tree Market.
Every product has a story.
Every purchase makes a difference.








2 replies on “Our Story

  • Lisa Cates

    Hi, I talked to you guys on Saturday at the Market. You guys have a great vibe !
    Just saw looking at your web.site ~it’s wonderful,love it ,great message!
    Hope to come visit some time and learn more!


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